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"Thursday night I had the opportunity to get scandalized" ..... "They released their first cd Cheap. Boozey. Dangerous. an awesome blues record, playing through the album and more. As for a review of the show I’m not really good for that. I’ll say this, they have excellent musicians on all of the instruments and watching Marty and Luke play off of each other is a treat."...."  Amanda has a sexy alluring voice along with a stage a presence that sucks you in. The whole band has a well developed chemistry working as one from the guitars to Kims great saxophone playing. Rob takes care of business on the bass, as does Namingha and Reggie.

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one fan at a time

Whether the band is performing in a funky after-hours setting, a local concert club or a major outdoor summer stage, Randle & the Late Night Scandals seems to have the same effect on first-timers, many of whom find themselves scratching their heads and wondering where this elegantly decadent outfit has been hiding. Through a blend of charisma, sensuality, serious chops and the ability to make soul, funk, R&B and blues commingle in a perfectly seasoned gumbo, the band has been building a buzz one fan at a time over the past several years.Now, the band has dropped a new long-player in the form of “Cheap, Boozey, Dangerous,” and is backing the release with a slew of regional shows

Rob Lucas, My Star 102.5

“Greatest opening act EVER EVER EVER in the Canalside or even Thursday at The Square concert series...Randle & The Late Night Scandals." ..as soon as Randle & Co hit the first note, the place was just blown away with the best original high energy R&B I've heard in a long, LONG time. Randle, err, Amanda, their lead vocalist simply rocked...knows how to command a stage, having on one-one presence with the audience without delaying/talking too much in between songs.She reminded me of a wispy-almost-tipsy Marisa Tomei. With a great voice. ....
Also commanding the stage was a female alto sax player, who very simply fronted a band that sounded soooo close to James Brown's Famous Flames. THAT good. ...
Kimberly Young-Mason. She made me wanna go home and get my sax out of the basement.”
—  Rob Lucas, My Star 102.5 "What we are Talking About

Garaud MacTaggart, Buffalo News

"Randle and the Late Night Scandals is a local band whose biggest break so far was when it became national finalist in the 2013 Hard Rock Café “Rising Battle of the Bands.” Amanda Markovich-rabb (a.k.a. Randle Rabbit) is the focus of the group and possesses a good, gritty when needed, voice that rides that narrow line between rock and soul. While the rest of the band has a certain amount of chops, the saxophonist Kimberly Young-Mason has a stage presence that goes along well with her sharp, pungent musicianship."
—  Garaud MacTaggart, Buffalo News

Rimas Musteikis, Buffalo Rising

“Randle and the Late Night Scandals stole everyone’s hearts with their originals on Saturday night. Lead singer Randle Rabbit with her vintage microphone reincarnated Janis Joplin, with some Amy Winehouse thrown in. She really brings it.  Kalifornia Kym dressed her sax with a scarf, and I swear on one song she was able to imitate a harp (harmonica), great technique that..... was just incredible.Add a guitar, bass, and percussion and you have great energy here with one of the
coolest Buffalo band names in recent memory. Reminds me a lot of  Eddie and the Cruisers (aka John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band), with sounds from the Jersey shores and Buffalo summers.”
—  Rimas Musteikis, Buffalo Rising

Joe Speranza, buffablog.com

“The Scandals say they play dirty blues, but I’ll take it a step further and call it filthy blues. Randle Rabbit has some serious stank in her voice, and the best way to describe their music is infectious; they are headlining this show for a reason.”
—  Joe Speranza, buffablog.com

Robin David Brown, Buffalo.Com

“Sister Sparrow a the Dirty Birds at Town Ballroom- Thursday night at Town Ballroom was an intimate affair that was filled to the brim with eclectic sounds. The night was kicked off by Buffalo's own Randle & The Late Night Scandals. Their fearless and fun performance got the mood right for the headliners hailing from Brooklyn, Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds. Eight Dirty Birds and one Sister Sparrow filled the stage with more energy and soul than any fan could have hoped for. They were not shy in front of the intimate sized crowd and put on a show to remember.”
—  Robin David Brown, Buffalo.Com

Jeff Meirs, The Gusto

“Randle and the Late Night Scandals have been building a substantial buzz over the past year, based on the gritty, eminently funky blend of blues and jam-friendly rock offered by the ensemble, and the soulful, sensual presence of singer Amanda Markovich-rabb.”
—  Jeff Meirs, Buffalo News